Photos from my week on the isles of shoals off Portsmouth NH:

I have tried to include some of the buildings so you might get a sense of the island culture. I actually had a tendency to photograph seaweed and rocks and grasses. In fact I took very few photos as my flash card was nearly full when I arrived; I had only expected to shoot a few documentary shots. I had not intended to work with photography; my original goal for being on island was to paint. After my easel broke in mid stroke I decided to go with the flow and just enjoy the camaraderie of wonderful fellow conferees and the chance to learn in new areas of interest including singing and learning about my camera!

IMG_4771 (1024x768).jpgIMG_4714 (650x1024)IMG_4729 (768x1024)STA_4731 (754x1024)IMG_4756 (768x1024)IMG_4767 (764x1024)IMG_4388 (768x1024)IMG_4390 (768x1024)IMG_4438 (1024x768)IMG_4624 (1024x768)IMG_4646 (768x1024)IMG_4643 (1024x768)IMG_4517 (1024x768)IMG_4491 (768x1024)IMG_4742 (767x1024)IMG_4766 (768x1024)IMG_4506 (1024x768)IMG_4461 (768x1024)IMG_4681 (768x1024).jpgIMG_4413 (1024x768).jpgIMG_4774 (768x1024).jpgIMG_4762 (1024x768).jpgIMG_4746 (1024x768)IMG_4523 (768x1024)IMG_4761 (768x1024).jpg

IMG_4773 (1024x768)

IMG_4772 (1024x764)

5 thoughts on “Magic Moments-on Star island

  1. OH help i am going to bed. i can not get these pictures to tile in and take their places correctly. If anyone knows how to do this please advise. I am exhausted and i give up for the moment. I am so sorry for the mess above.
    Holly (Angel in the dust)

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  2. Beautiful pictures – wonderful place. What a great spot to paint, too. I don´t know if I can help you with your layout problems. I did choose a theme from wordpress which seemed to be easy to handle. When I select more than 1 photo to post it gives me several layout options (tiles , single pictures etc.) After choosing the option it is just placed in my post –
    ready! Don´t you get these options when posting pictures, Holly? Maybe you can try another wordpress theme. Good luck… and don´t you ever give up!!!

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    1. Dear Carsten, you are so kind and very encouraging. I will keep experimenting and see if my theme has the ‘bells and whistles’ yours does. I have a feeling it must be possible to have the images tile automatically and i have just missed something.
      And ,yes, Star Island is a beautiful place to paint. Best of all watercolor just sings in the fresh moist atmosphere of the island.

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