There is so little time and so much to do. But i mustn’t fret over all I’ve missed for now the sun is giving warmth and i am gaining faith in each day bringing a new day that can be filled with hope. And with hope comes life, and joy, and a willingness to take risks. Next week I’ll be out at the Isles of Shoals (painting of course) and then up to Vermont and Montreal. I ‘m pretty disgusted with my work. There’s a stack of quarter sheet paintings from the last week and a half and they would make great kindling. Still i believe in my New Day and there will be a tomorrow.

So yesterday i tried to paint the little guest cottage. It was pretty hot even with the breeze off the West Meadow-IMG_4274 (1024x749).jpg

And today my drive home up the lane felt like entering a stage so i painted this.

IMG_4278 (765x1024).jpg

There is so much green and gold. Just this evening while studying the routes into Montreal on Google i looked up and was transported by the golds and greens in the treetops beyond the North lawn back-lit by the setting sun. I really want to paint that but I’ve got to pack and get some sleep too.


5 thoughts on “Magic Moments-green and gold

  1. I am happy to hear you are creating and even attending a workshop this weekend. Also, sometimes we are our own worst critics – I enjoy the rich colors of these and the contrast of the shadows and sunlight in the trees and on the path. It looks so cool and welcoming.

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      1. I disagree but totally understand how you feel. This month has been much too busy for my liking, and the few things I’ve had a chance to scribble on paper look ridiculous! Hoping to have some quality paint time this weekend, though. I read yesterday that although Picasso definitely had some successful, well-known works, he also made thousands of mediocre pieces. 😉

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  2. Hi Holly, we are all our own worst cristics! I’ve just realised I have given my last cockatoo 11 feathers instead of 10, most people wouldn’t notice, but I want to start again. Your work is lovely! I especially like the path with the sunlit trees. There is beauty in simplicity and the play of light and shadow is very inviting!

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