Re-blogged from an earlier post-here is a poem that i wrote shortly after I had started up my blog, Magic Moments. It seems appropriate to the moment.

I wish we could all meet on my west porch (or anywhere real) for a cup of tea or glass of wine this evening. Virtual life just doesn’t make it!

Holly (Angel in the Dust)


The Internet


This is a dangerous place to be


Thoughts and ideas swirl, overwhelm.

Too much intellectual input without order

Raw emotion writes unfinished poetry

Hungry hearts beat out their lives in space

Entangled in the web of empty fulfillment


While the orb weaver sits gorged on lost souls

Hours devoured before the blue-green screen

Fingers stumbling on the keys search for connection

When all that is needed is the touch, the real touch

Of your hand warm against mine

 And a soft kiss to brush my hair.


Early morning hours drive me

 To the center of the web

9 thoughts on “Magic Moments-The internet

  1. It is overwhelming for sure… I find myself lost quite often… the real sitting together sounds lovely. Much love, dear angel in the dust.


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