The plein air session for today was scheduled to catch the apples in bloom at Topsmead State Forest and it did; they were lovely. But the only one foolish enough to brave a cold wind from the north and temperatures below 50F was yours truly. I choose to sit on the grass to stay out of the wind.  I was so stiff when I finally tried to get to my feet that I couldn’t bend my legs. No matter, it was a lovely afternoon and I enjoyed the painting and sketching.

IMG_3837 (1024x768).jpg

Two of the older trees but not the oldest. That one stands out in the middle of the meadow near the top of the hill.

IMG_3835 (1024x768).jpg
9×12 fluid cold press 170508

The path which winds up to the stone cottage.  Ms Chase built  her house at the top of the mead (meadow) to be like an old English Cotswold cottage complete with dove cote. If we paint there again next week as planned and its warmer I’ll work from up near the house.

Angel in the dust


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