A rather dark one for me but a cool invigorating one for the ephemeral spring flowers.

IMG_3336 (1024x768).jpg

Although I have been sketching in watercolors my painting is neither free nor precise. Instead it is –well embarrassing. However, I can show you some of what I have been privileged to be a part of as the weather has cooled down and given us a little much needed rain.IMG_3324 (768x1024)

IMG_3320 (768x1024) (2)

IMG_3335 (1024x768).jpg

The leaves are soft now but the torrential rain we got diverted the stream down the path so the going gets a bit tough as one goes higher up the hillside

IMG_3357 (768x1024)

IMG_3351 (768x1024)


These snap shots are from that special hillside I mentioned in a previous post and are all taken within a few steps of “my” Throne. The forest floor is carpeted with spring beauties and trout lilies as far as one can see.

IMG_3322 (768x1024)

These are stitched down with red trillium (wake robin), golden stem-less violet, Dutchman’s breeches, and many other little ephemeral s-too many to name here. One might feel they have IMG_3366 (1024x768)stepped into the hunt for the unicorn tapestry.

IMG_3330 (768x1024)     IMG_3370                      Angel in the dust


7 thoughts on “Magic Moments-a grey morning

  1. Wow! Beautiful & inspiring place and good photographs. Don´t be too frustrated about watercolors – believe me , I know the feeling – but then just take a brush and be angry on he paper – paint something completely different. It always helps me out of the moment of frustration about my lack of abilities.

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  2. so pretty Holly, all the flowers that I remember so well!! 🙂
    a wc hint I tell my class sometimes? have a couple of weeks, of painting in monochromes. use burnt sienna. or maybe phalo blue.
    doing this really does help one’s ‘mood’ and lessens the frustrations of thinking about ‘everything, all at once!’ Monochromes are some of the most lovely paintings I’ve seen; they are not, boring at all! many cheers, Debi


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