A sketch a day keeps the doctor away…

Sketches in watercolor:

IMG_3259 (1024x765).jpg

Plein-air session Monday

IMG_3263 (1024x648).jpg

Tuesday on the HBT

IMG_3300 (768x1024).jpg

Wednesday on the way to ceramics class


IMG_3256 (1024x788).jpg

waiting for my friend before our walk

IMG_3298 (1024x761).jpg

looking up Friday evening


study for the beaver pond today

3 deep breaths and smile


9 thoughts on “Magic Moments-a few sketches

  1. All of your work is fabulous! But, there is something special about the water color sketches you have done! The first one looks like an old cotton mill here in North Carolina!
    Keep up the great work!

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  2. no kidding! They still do some of their work there- in the grey- green building to the left. I think repairs and restoration. i didn’t include the oval sign on the side of the building as it was hidden by a semi at the time.


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