For you, with love.IMG_3184 (1024x766).jpg

White pines bending and shimmering in the late April light atop our windy hill.

IMG_3188 (1024x768).jpg
practicing with the Tombow

And looking closely at the terminal buds and drawing with graphite.

IMG_3190 (1024x956)IMG_3189 (1024x752)

How many greys can you get? This is fun!

Cold press creates a shimmer but IMG_3191 (768x1024)

it’s tricky to get the right amount of water.

The Artist Within – Hope, Encouragement, Freedom… we need some word of hope, of encouragement from someone to get us started on our journeys.

A big thank you to Jane, to Debi, to Anne, to Prashant, to Carsten, Carol, Margaret, Karen, Sharie, Tim…Did i forget someone ?-YOU!


(Angel in the dust)

IMG_3186 (1024x741).jpg

Love you.

8 thoughts on “Magic Moments-

      1. Yes, exactly Holly! …but it’s too much fun skipping and jumping all over the place, I know the feeling, but I totally believe it’s part of the journey! It’s the only way you’ll be happy with where you end up! 🙂

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