Life seems a bit hollow.

I did go to the new lecture series on Museum Treasures with Carol Beaudoin at NWCC  yesterday and it promises to be interesting. Only I wish i were sharing it. And, my husband and I will be going into Hartt University for a horn concert tonight but…

I seem to be spinning my wheels here in terms of getting engaged with projects around the house and there is so much that needs to be done.


Here is a figure study from last night-

IMG_3113 (1024x689).jpg
Eric 170323


And two little studies from this morning of rocks that I did on hot press using the palette knife.

IMG_3112 (1018x1024).jpg
waves off Monhegan Island


And from my walk this morning-

IMG_3109 (1015x1024).jpg
Winter hanging On

It is curious how the icicles form above the stream like little fingers.


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