Working in watercolor one will either learn some discipline and patience or be defeated.

But, remember to play and enjoy the journey. Today as snow has closed all the roads there has been some time to play. I have been inspired by some beautiful work on Nicks blog and so decided to paint ducks and grebes in the snow working from his photos.

IMG_3073 (1024x768).jpg

This is so hard for me. It is so hard to wait for the paint to be dry enough. When I see a change I’d like to make I just want to do it-old impulsive me! And this, of course, leads to mud and over working.

IMG_3065 (1024x768).jpg

I have a beautiful painting by Jane Goldman. She used to tell us “lay it and leave it” advice which is so very hard to follow. Jane also was highly disciplined in her painting and could literally break her work down into successive transparent layers. She would then recreate her paintings as silkscreen prints. Her work is beautiful and full of light. The way she captures ambient light has always intrigued me. It’s a goal I have.

This last little study is inspired from posts by another blogger who is out in Washington state. Isn’t the internet fun!

IMG_3066 (1024x768)

I kind of messed it up by trying to add an island but that just gives me an excuse to do a series of the bay and hills with their silver-grey skies.

Angel in the dustIMG_3068 (768x1024)

6 thoughts on “Magic Moments-take Discipline

  1. Glad you had a productive play day. It is certainly fun to experiment, and even more fun when things work out! 🎨 I am with you on having patience; sometimes it is so difficult!

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