There is a crack; there is a crack to let the light in-

IMG_2258 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_2269 (768x1024)My dear sweet husband is trying manfully to be the best person he can and indeed I love him for that.

He is undertaking one project after the next around this old house and there are so many. He loves the family home and loves what he is doing.  However, this place is more than I have any desire to manage, or to even tackle on any level.


IMG_2257 (768x1024)

I would be very content in a home a fraction of its size: one about as big as the master bedroom here and the keeping room below that. That would be completely perfect for me.

I am enthusiastic about the gardens and only wish I could hire in some help but our budget doesn’t extend to that. So I have made my roll that of cheering squad and hope that that, with the financial support I have given over the years, will be sufficient.

After all I do reside here; I need to contribute in some way! So I limp along as a fifth-wheel, and try not to care too much. What i really enjoy is painting, writing, and being out doors.

IMG_3056 (1024x768).jpg

So here are a few pictures ready for the show. All they need is wires although the one on the right isn’t what i want and I’ll be painting that yet again just for myself. I continue to “play with clay” and now will start to “play with paint”.

Sadly the March weather continues to be uncertain inside and out just as it was this time of year last year for us. I wish there were some word of reassurance, I wish spring would come and with it some real tangible happiness. Anyway one can dream. Meanwhile the weather report is for a Nor’easter next week which just about matches my mood.

Angel in the dust

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