And outside my window

IMG_9595 (798x1024).jpg

I haven’t been able to photograph my painting lately so in place of a painting I’ll share my favorite sayings from my much loved but inexpensive Yoga mat. After all Magic is where you find it! Here are the words on my mat:

“Yoga is the journey to self”

      Find a reason to smile

                                                                                 Quiet your mind

                                        Act without expectation

Talk less say more

Continue to learn

Fear less hope more

                                                            Play with abandon


                                                                                                         Be present every day

  Open mind-open heart

I’m home now from a 3 hour session in figure drawing at the art barn-the first in many weeks. While there  i was disappointed not to find any photographs by my favorite artist hung in the new exhibit. -One could become depressed in this “Awareness vacuum”-

Tomorrow when there is some light I might try to take a photo of what I’ve done picture-wise. And best of all once the work is matted for the show I can go back to Painting without expectation. Now won’t that be nice! Perhaps I’ll just experiment with color for a while or paint what i see on my walk or outside my window. Thank you Debi and Shari!

IMG_2992 (768x1024).jpg

Enjoy your New Day

Angel in the dust

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