Darn this is hard.

IMG_3044 (1024x492).jpg

I have been told “that if you really want something; you can make it happen.” Well maybe and maybe not yet, if ever. I know what I want but I don’t have the skill to paint it. So I will share these studies with you just so you may see that I am working, not because I am satisfied with where I have gotten to.

IMG_3046 (1024x740).jpg

I do have to come up with something by the end of the week one way or another. Unfortunately I cannot take the cavalier approach of blowing this one off. The deadline is 5PM Sunday: 3 pieces matted and framed ready for hanging. The poems are already submitted and in the catalogue.

IMG_3049 (768x1024).jpgThis one may have to do bumpy horizon line and all. There are parts of it I’m happy with.


IMG_1714 - Copy (1024x751).jpgThis one also has a large version which works OK. I just haven’t got it flattend yet to photograph.

? Maybe I should present myself-rope around neck.


Angel in the dust

9 thoughts on “Magic Moments-Take Work

  1. wow. love those clouds in that first one Holly! and boy, #3 you did magic with the Water!!! love it. and the last one with the trees in front YOU did them so well! plus the peeking bits of purple florals showing thru. good work!

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      1. my pleasure! we are so quick to see the flaws in our work, our selves and so very slow, and reluctant to see the Shining good, beauty that Does exist. Its always been my ‘mission’ so to speak, to help remind us – that first, we need to look to see the good part. then address the weaker area. then return to look again, at that shining good, once more. This. is. critical. Thank You, Holly for sharing your time and thoughts. cheers, Debi

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  2. They are great, Holly! Practice always pays and remember what you told me often: not being to harsh with yourself! 🙂 I think, Debi is right with what she wrote… and the water in #3 really turned out awesome. One could spend a lifetime to paint the perfect waves (and I guess some do)! I am going to paint some, too – but I will probably wait until the summer to put on my watercolor jet-ski. 🙂

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