An incredibly rich walk this morning: We studied a fallen ash tree that had broken off over night and fallen without tearing down the power lines-miraculous- said “hi” to a gaggle of 5 tom turkeys, noted tiny deer tracks with the larger ones, had a red tail who was being chased by crows swoop right across our path, listened to the redwing blackbird stake out his claim in the swamp, heard the brown creeper working the white pines, saw and heard the melody of a flock of bluebirds in the corn field, watched a flock of geese flying north overhead, thrilled to the “freebee” of a nesting chickadee, listened to the trill of a brook cascading down the hillside, and… watched as this guy came up on the road, looked us in the eye and went on over the other side. whew!!!

IMG_2839 (1024x768).jpg

How can anyone come up short on a day such as this except… We needed you, my very special friend, with your binoculars to help us identify the many –many other birds we saw. I miss you every day-deeply, today more than ever.

IMG_2892 (1024x646).jpg


Anyway, here are yet two more tree studies and now I think I’m ready to move on to a different motif.

IMG_2894 (752x1024).jpg

IMG_2808 (767x1024).jpg



Happy painting and enjoy the slow rush of spring.

Angel in the dust

3 thoughts on “Magic Moments- water color and…

  1. Oh my took a leap when I saw your photos, especially of the bear. I love bear and when I spot one here or while out on my favorite trail, it makes my day. By the way, I love those touches of cerulean blue, I think, in your painting. I hope to get out and hike tomorrow, I hope!

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