Finally I am at my work table and the brush is loaded with water and pigment. When I can paint it is a little like praying or meditation and I always feel lifted in spirit-

“Like a breath I knew would come, I reach for a new day”.

Yesterday was bad beyond description. I am so grateful for another chance.

Here is the little pencil sketch I made from our brief walk yesterday.








And here is a watercolor from the sketch.

IMG_2797 (768x1024).jpg

There is so much depth that’s missing so much movement and glint in the hemlocks that I just have yet to figure out. And the bright shimmer of the water, the soft roundness of the melting snow. Gee wiz this doesn’t capture that at all so we’ll try again.


Actually I’m supposed to be working on ocean waves and sand-oops! Anyway it’s nice to do even a little.


Angel in the dust

7 thoughts on “Magic Moments-with Watercolour!!!!

  1. hi Holly, I do love how you made your foreground so textural and rich and colored! it is so lovely! super bark textures too, your sky and far distant foliage trees read really well as ‘distant’ so you created a great sense of depth in this 🙂 I have a Thought… what if, you did this one again and used Fabriano Rough and then Fabriano Cold press papers? just to ‘see how the paints respond to the 2 ? (its just an idea I thought up just now for you) LOL
    anyway, Well Done Holly!! cheers, Debi

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    1. Thank you for your message, Debi. I will certainly try the other papers. i have already tried two more takes on this Fluid cold press finish which I’ll post tomorrow. I’ve never worked on Fabriano. Hopefully i can pick some up tomorrow at Dicks when i go in to New Britain for figure drawing.
      I read your blog faithfully and always come away with good ideas. And, I really appreciate your taking the time to comment on my work. thank you!

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      1. now worries. umm. just beware youlook at the label! Fabriano does make crappy paper thats not 100% cotton. So ensure it does say 100% cotton rag. it lets the colors melt and merge so nice.

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