Here is a little sketch from yesterday. I wonder what today’s sketch will be? This one was done from the car while waiting for a friend. I had to use pencil as all my water for water colors was frozen solid.

IMG_2788 (753x1024).jpg

Then i spent the afternoon carving and scribing through layers of colored slip on clay slabs that eventually I’ll form into serving pieces. My art evolves slowly as does my life; one step at a time. Medication and Meditation help to pace it and still I dream of making deadlines. I told a friend I’d paint to one of his poems. So far I only have some sketches done, nothing yet to mat and frame. The due date is coming up fast…

The evening saw the opening for a show which had been postponed from last week and in which I had another two entries. It’s good to engage, to get out, and to see what other people are doing and these are the first four pieces I’ve put on exhibit since last June. But tomorrow I’ll skip the Saturday afternoon figure drawing class and work at home. I need to.

Angel in the dust

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