Famous for its variable weather the New England climate can keep one on their toes-warm one day, a blizzard the next. It makes it hard to concentrate or as an artist know what palette to carry out to paint en plein-air. Just now I’m feeling rather dizzy and emotionally off center from wild mood swings through elation to depression and back again. I have come to believe that these mood swings are accentuated by barometric pressure. A few days ago my world was glowing gold brushed with swelling red stems and buds and lichen on the trees shouting an impossible silvery blue-green. Just before that it was veiled in silvery shades of hoar-frost. Now it is etched in white and blackest green against the blue with long lilac shadows.

I wish I could share it with you but I can’t adjust fast enough to figure out how to paint it and we can not walk out or sit to look at it together. I’m really frustrated at how long it takes to put my thoughts and ideas in paint and at how short my efforts at translation fall from what I’d like to show. I wish with all my heart we could just be together looking at the same incredible New England landscape and silently loving the moment as one.

As second best to having a painting to share I’ll share some snapshots from today and from earlier in the week. These are all from my regular 3 mile walk circuit.

the marsh silvered with frostimg_2629-1024x768



Hoarfrost on the golden rod

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