Ever close your eyes and stop and listen?

Ever feel alive and you’ve nothing missing?

You don’t need a reason

Let the day go on and on

Let the rain fall down

Everywhere around you

Give into it now-

Let the day surround you……..                                                                        Enya

IMG_2465 (1024x736).jpg

Is there a road I should follow?

IMG_2471 (1024x768).jpg

sketching to fill the extra moment-New England is full of churches.

IMG_2473 (632x1024).jpgIMG_2472 (623x1024).jpg

two sketches of a road i walk

sketched from my car in the rain and snow. this is addictive.

IMG_2470 (1024x801).jpg

and studying with a master yoga teacher.

condos-a great place to live as sketched from my “studio”aka my car.

Angel in the dust

the day is not long enough!


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