In the aftermath of Saturday night’s snow storm the congregation for the children’s epiphany pageant was very small and only three singers showed up for choir. Between us an alto, a tenor/baritone, and a bass we did our best to cover the needed parts in hymns anthems, and carols. The three little wise men and the sheep-herds were charming and the whole service evoked a nostalgia that made me think of the 3 bells as Edith Piaf sings it in french. Here is an English version-almost as good.


And after visiting the Opening for the new art exhibit in the Gallery on the Green (which had been delayed by the snow)  I did this sketch of the church with the storm clouds moving off to the North East.-(a bit primitive!)

IMG_2296 (1024x764).jpg

Oh, and Jamie rang the bell for the service.

Angel in the dust

2 thoughts on “Magic Moments -in community

  1. This “magic moment” in the community will be remembered fondly for a long time by those who were there. Sounds like a cozy and lovely celebration 😇


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