So today I bought a Day-Minder for 2017: I guess that means I intend to keep on trying.

IMG_2271 (1024x739).jpg


Everyone makes New Years resolutions even when they claim they won’t and I am no exception; I will title mine “YES” for moving forward one day at a time into the New Year. “Y” is for Yoga practice, “E” is for exercise of all kinds, social and solitary, “S” is for sketching. And here is today’s sketch-

Not Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin but the best i can do.


I make no promises except to try, and to be mindful, and kind.

Angel in the dust

5 thoughts on “Magic Moments-in discipline

  1. Dear angel in the dust, this flower is such a beautiful shade! I’ll imagine a field of flowers just like this one… young and old… buds of gold… And the ash tray I’ll use…
    (it is an ash tray I hope)

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    1. Dear Prashant, Actually a tiny salt dish with an ivory spoon (not shown) but you may use it as an ash try if you wish and i will love you for it, for you have saved a day that i had rued.
      Could there be a field of gold and then- the sound of soft wings in the breeze above it?

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      1. Dear angel in the dust. Thank you for letting me use the tiny salt dish. I’ll wash it in the field of gold, with the sound of soft wings in the breeze. I hope you smile and the day sings you a tender melody…


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