More cloud studies.

IMG_2167 (1024x768).jpg

This past week we have had everything except cumulus nimbus from roll clouds to sheer zones, mares tails, stratus, strata nimbus, mackerel, and fair weather cumulus and more. I have a long way to go to find a comfort zone with getting the effects i want.

IMG_2169 (1024x768).jpg

Watercolor can be most aggravating. Pushing acrylic around was easier.

IMG_2175 (1024x765).jpg

IMG_2183 (882x1024).jpg

Adding Chinese white to the mix is interesting. None of these imparts the ethereal brightness and glow of a real cloud. I am feeling rather stubborn at this point; this may require a lot of paper and paint.

Angel in the dust


2 thoughts on “Magic Moments-Clouds

  1. Dear angel in the dust. I hope you do go through that paper and paint and keep us posted. Sometimes one might forget to look what’s above them… your work is a gentle reminder.
    Much love,


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