Today I had the privilege of being able to help a friend with some very simple but necessary transportation requirements. That done I joined some other friends to learn new (for me) techniques and approaches to working with ceramics. Our instructor graciously allowed us to continue working well over time. Finally arriving home at the end of a long day I was greeted by my my husband coming into the kitchen and volunteering to help with dinner. And, that dinner was already mostly prepared by my wonderful daughter who had gone directly from work to one of her many volunteer jobs.

So many wonderful people all reaching out to help one another.

On coming up to my studio following dinner I opened a blog i follow and, curious about some responses to her post, which i follow, found the following bloggers story. It is meaningful in the context of my day. So although I still don’t have any watercolors to share with you i include that link.

I  feel great compassion for those people who are caring and actively reaching out to others. God bless them.

Angel in the Dust

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