Just now my muse and ability to mix colors seem both to have deserted me. My large format painting sits half done on the desk and is not coming together at all, let alone in the spirit of the earlier sketches. Yesterday and Sunday i couldn’t even paint and so today it would seem. So I shall go find a book to read.

I include a reading list here for those interested in Isabelle Steward Gardner and her wonderful Museum.

a follow up on the post for September 29th

Gondola Days by_________

Mrs. Jack by____________(sorry I don’t have the authors but you can find them)

*The Art of Scandal by Douglass Shand-Tucci     (a long read but worth it. Do take the trouble to find it and read it.-Her story  as explained by Shand-Tucci is really thought provoking)*

Bernard Berenson, American Art Historian

Priceless by____________

From Heaven to Arcadia by Rowland

*The swerve by Steven Greenblatt

Novel of the Palazzo by Henry James

DVD the Venetian Renaissance in art of the western world with Michael Wood

angel in the dust

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