Purple Asters and golden rod reaching down to kiss their reflection in the still dark water-

Bright grey-green lichen and red leaves reflected in the quietly running stream-

Golden sun dappling the lane through the tree tops high above-

A young hawk swooping down and up again before the slowly coasting car and miracle-               I stopped- and looking though my new sun roof took a magic moment to observe-


All these things and more were offered on my walk this morning but only received because of the love shown me by J, J,  R, and A. -Thank you dear friends.


Further, my gratitude flows out to those who organized and led us in a candlelight vigil for Sibyl and Lee Pellum Sunday night. Though I can not know all who attended I feel connected and grateful for this community of friends and humbled by their numbers as I continue to remember Lee’s goodness and pray for Sibyls healing. ( for readers of this blog outside our local community: these were two good friends who were out on their daily morning walk when a young man swept them to oblivion as he left the road with his car-a tragic accident which is much too common.) Drive carefully, please.


Your angel in the dust

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