Inspiration for working from sketch to larger painting-

I have much to be grateful for; for still being able to walk, and sing, and paint, and most of all for caring family, and friends. I am so very grateful that a special friend introduced me to the practice of yoga; it continues to help in healing both body and spirit.

Today having missed rehearsal with the choir I went to yoga instead of singing in church.The movement and breathing of yoga was like listening again to the breathing of the ocean. It eased physical and mental pain and opened my heart to being at peace here within my own home far from the restorative sound of the ocean. May it do the same for you.

Here is the poem our yoga leader, Mary, closed with:


Prayer for Peace


May I be at peace.

May I have an open heart.

May I know the beauty

      of my true nature.

May I be healed.

May my life be a gift

     of peace in the world.


May the world be at peace.

May we all have an open heart.

May we all know the beauty

    of our true nature.

May we all be healed.

May we all serve as a gift

    of peace to each other.


Within each heart

     there is a place of peace.

May we each live from that place,

And thus we are healed into

     the heart of peace.


Angel in the dust










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