Awakening and Letting go

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The Red Ribbon trail 092316

You are my New Day.

I love you more than me.

 And now I can clearly see

this was always meant to be

tho’ we each must go our way

to great the New Day.

Send the sun in time for dawn

Let the birds all hail the morning

Love of life will urge me say

You are my New Day’

When I lay me down at night

Knowing we must pay

Thoughts occur that this night might

stay yesterday

Thoughts that I, in my despair

Could lose hope and end it there

Fall around me through the air

Before a New Day

Before my new day

One more day when time is running out

For every one

Like a breath I knew would come I reach for

A new day

Hope is my philosophy

Just these days in which to be

Love of life brings hope to me

Born on my new day

You were that New Day.

There are more paintings in process-so much learning took place.-and time on the island has run out-I’ll reach for a New Day. Time to pack and go now.

With love to my New Day

Angel in the dust

edited 100916 and again120916

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