We had a good day today, Tuesday, with several sketches done. I am eager to do a painting now that might be counted as such. I hiked all around the north end of the island and across the middle as well as up to the south end and am rather tired so I will wait until tomorrow to do battle with the internet and to try to post a few more sketches. The fog never lifted, but rolled in and out variously obscuring and revealing the headlands and boats in the harbor. It was a lovely day. I spent much of it up on Black head high above the fog when I wasn’t actually hiking. I also ducked into the church in the evening and listened to a recorder consort rehearsing-a lovely interlude.

Looking west in the fog

IMG_1154 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_1157 (1024x768).jpg




and above the fogIMG_1155 (1024x768).jpg

rock formationsIMG_1159 (768x1024).jpg

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