Monhegan-a world apart

Monday I hope to hike out to Black Head and visit the Light House Museum as well as do two studies I have identified locations for further south along the shore. Sunday, I did four studies one precariously down the cliffs just because it was fun to get there-no really because by getting under the overhang I found a bit of shade. One I did just sitting out on the rocks and another demurely sitting on a bench, while the fourth was done from memory inside. All were enjoyable to do.

The day however was clouded by receiving some very tragic news concerning two wonderful friends and made sunny by a quick text later in the day from another. We take life too often for granted and it is precious and oh so ephemeral. I am loving the island and already planning to return.

IMG_0961 (768x1024).jpg

IMG_0887 (1024x768).jpg












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