Hold fast?

Watercolor is a transparent medium much like I; perhaps that is why I am drawn to it. Still one can only see what is brushed onto the paper and if there is more to say it remains hidden. Those thoughts could be expressed in poetry or writing or not at all staying hidden within until they explode in a God Awful crash-

NG5873 is totaled.

And I am here thanking God that my husband chose that particular tank of a car for me and that no one else appeared to be hurt. All it took was a moment’s inattention and now there is a lot of broken glass and I am responsible for possibly hurting and surely messing up the work schedule and plans of three other people not to mention their vehicles.

Stuff happens I am told. Yes it does; only now I have no confidence left. One of the things I was proud of was my driving record. I have no reason to be proud now and I have lost every shred of self respect. Oh yes, the car can be replaced (at great cost and not with anything like the beauty NG5873 was as Chevy no longer makes that model with that color and engine) but the damage done within me may never heal. We have a saying that the only thing to fear is “the nut holding the steering wheel”. Mine needs help.

Now to practice some positive thinking/action:

When I originally planned this post I wanted to share a few other blogs that I have found meaningful and to post some watercolor practice (however, the practice has been put on hold.-I never thought I’d be writing a confessional when I got home from class. So I guess I am the fly in the web and the spider is my distracted mind.)

Here are some of the blogs that I follow or visit from time to time. The w/c practice will have to wait.






Just A Few, Volume 1

Whole Love

So dear Reader, take care when you’re on the road; put your blinker on well before you stop to turn in case there is a “nut holding the steering wheel” or someone whose mind is elsewhere in the car coming up behind you and remember not to cock your wheels. For while the accident might still have occurred, if the driver of the pick up had not cocked his wheels and had flicked on his turn signal sooner, the damage would have been minimal and contained. Over the course of my driving career I myself, have been rear-ended as well as front-ended and in both instances neither was my fault nor did I involve on-coming traffic. Now I am at fault and I will be punished with unknown expenses and by losing a car which frankly had become my ego identity. But, I can only feel grateful that no one was actually hurt and the enormity of that makes me glad I no longer have a car to drive.


Now i feel in need of some stabilizing watercolor practice…

Your Angel in the dust

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