Yoga, Music, and Painting-Celebrating the Season-



Ah! A beautiful day and a beautiful way to start it: a session of yoga in my own studio at home surrounded by paintings, photos, and drawings by John E. Melescinsky while listening to hammered dulcimer and guitar music by Helen Wolfson and Eric Thomas.

My study of yoga at the gym under Robin and Mary, Rita and others is beginning to pay off. This is where i want to be. Best of all i have no schedule for today; I’ve given up going to the gym for today and figure drawing class as well.

Now when i finally consent to getting dressed i’ll pull that half done figure drawing out of my drawer and complete it on my own schedule – What bliss! Then perhaps this evening I’ll go out and do a watercolor study of the marsh-Wow!


Here is a photo I took before showering this morning of our early summer “snow”.  When the crickets sing and the wood aster blooms it is time to deeply appreciate the passing of the seasons and the older i get the more this hits home. Today I intend to live as deliberately as nature and to celebrate all her beauty. I hope you have done the same.IMG_0581 (1024x768).jpgIMG_0592 (1024x768).jpg

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