Trapped or Embraced? We can choose…


God has created a new day

Silver and green and gold.

Grant the sunset may find us

Worthy His Gifts to hold.


Each day opens with so much promise, promise lost to those who can not leave the darkness of personal loss, who are trapped in despair, open to those who hold hope in their heart. Music brings joy, so does sunlight, or a simple hello from a friendly stranger walking along a country road lined with the gold and green tracery of grasses. The grass arches, bending across a bright tapestry of trapped blooms. They are so like our own lives tangled in the crossing paths of events and circumstance beyond our control. We try as they do, to smile out at the new day, silver and green and gold and so full of promise. And sometimes we fail. Yet with each New Day God offers us another chance. Will we be worthy his gifts to hold today?

Those grasses and flowers are gone today, mowed down by the highway department to make our lives “safe”, ignoring our soul’s and spirit’s needs, ignoring the needs of life itself.  I saw the Yellow Tiger Swallow-tail butterfly searching out across the marsh. But, the Queen Anne’s lace she depends on to procreate was gone. Only, Look! The US postal department sells her image on their new stamp. Buy one of those; perhaps it will substitute for the real thing! Is the butterfly offered another chance? Probably not.

The butterfly is dead. Gold dust showers down on the once green roadside stubble now burning brown now as summers’ last light fades. And, sitting here at my computer in the near dark the closing bars of Chopin’s last Nocturne Opus 72 match my melancholy. Then dusk deepens into cricket song heralding autumn’s approach.

The flowers; were they trapped or embraced by the grasses? It matters not at all, for they are released into death by the blade of civilization. Bright pools of hope are spilled to die in the heat beside the hard top. Who are we but god’s flowers? Will civilization and the complex society we live in mow us down as well? Or will we persevere and bend to live?

Will the sunset find us worthy God’s gifts to hold?

Can we open ourselves to the promise each new day brings, align ourselves with the positive, and carry a hopeful heart through the darkness. Can we move away from destruction to celebrate the beauty the new day offers? -with God’s help, “Yes”.IMG_0368 (768x1024).jpgIMG_0472 (1024x768).jpgIMG_0408 (768x1024).jpgIMG_0390 (768x1024).jpgIMG_0370 (768x1024).jpg

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