Shore birds-

My husband and I spent a most enjoyable and informative morning out on the salt marshes of Milford Ct. on a Litchfield Hills Audubon field trip. Four kayaks and three canoes joined to weave their way through the tall marsh reeds and along the sand spits where shore birds were still plentiful at slack tide. The great and snowy egrets and yellow crowned night herons did fly off to roost in trees along the banks but palmate sandpipers, willets, ruddy turnstones, a dowager and even some oyster catchers, red knots, and black bellied plovers entertained us along the sand spits while tree swallows, barn swallows and common terns stitched the air above the golden mashes interrupted by crossing flights of black ducks, herring gulls, ring bill gulls, and double crested cormorants. Far above two ospreys wheeled in the nearly cloudless sky. We even spotted some terrapin turtles and one of the more experienced birders saw a marsh wren and heard a clapper rail. But, best of all I got to play “Babe in the Bow”, scarcely working at all while paddling our canoe was seen to by my worthy husband and i was left to sketch and shoot photos. What an ideal way to spend a morning!

Pictures from my journal, sketch book and camera-

IMG_0505 (1024x768).jpgIMG_0521 (1024x768).jpgIMG_0558 (1024x768).jpg

Working with the camera creates lovely images but working in one’s journal or sketch book enhances understanding and hopefully will allow some decent studio work to take place later on.

IMG_0555 (1024x768).jpg

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