I think keeping a Blog on Word Press will be all about discipline. I must gradually improve it and also learn to curb my enthusiasm and meter out the content over measured time instead of acting impulsively. I tend to vacillate between extreme exhilaration and very deep depression. We humans are such fragile things, particularly when we attempt to release our creative selves; action which requires letting -go of outside controls and listening to and responding to our inner self. It’s a hard thing to do and takes courage.

It helps to have an angel or a prince somewhere out there in the ether who we know cares. And, it helps to have at least a thin thread of hope and confidence in the value of continuing to connect and make friends for we learn so much from every person we take the time to get to know at least in part. This blog is the direct result of serendipitous finding of another artists blog and realizing the value of what she is doing and wanting to emulate her. I hope i get to know her more over time. It was pure chance that led me to her site.

I’ll be including her link as well as those of other artists who have inspired me when I get my side bar and other widgets in place. And as i go along I’ll post more current plein-air sketches as well as studio studies. I have to come up with a working procedure for capturing, filing, and sizing the images to upload. The first few I’ve done were too big and i am at risk of using up my allotted blog space too quickly. So as i wrote earlier; this is a work in progress- isn’t that what a life, well lived, is all about?

your holly

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